How to Choose the Best CPAP Machine in India: The Complete Guide

Are you facing sleep apnea and due to this you are having difficulty breathing? If yes then you must have information about auto CPAP machine uses because this machine relieves you from the problem of sleep apnea. About 34 million people in India suffer from sleep apnea. The rate of sleep apnea is 14% in men and 12% in women.

A CPAP machine is a non-surgical treatment for sleep apnea that can be prescribed by a doctor. These machines are of two types, which include manual and auto CPAP machines. A manual CPAP machine provides air at constant pressure throughout the night. The Auto CPAP machine automatically adjusts the pressure according to changing needs during the night. In today's article, we are discussing the Best CPAP machine in India, under which you will get all the information related to it.

Understanding CPAP Therapy and Sleep Apnea

CPAP Therapy

CPAP therapy is a therapy in which CPAP machines deliver pressurized air to relieve you of snoring and sleep apnea. The pressure is generated by small and quiet motors in this machine. In this, room air, which is devoid of oxygen, enters through the filter and is pressurized according to the prescribed settings.

It can give a maximum pressure of 25 CWP under 4 cm water pressure.
This air is passed through the heated humidifier and reaches the mask interface with the help of tubing. Due to the continuous exposure to pressurized air, a cushion is formed in the upper atmosphere, which is called a pneumatic splint.
It protects the throat from cracking and it reduces the vibrations that produce the sound of snoring.

It prevents swelling inside the nose and helps us clear mucus from the airways. It supports the airways, which makes breathing even and improves the quality of sleep. By using it, you can avoid the serious consequences of sleep apnea.It can easily detect airway collapse by measuring resistance and responds by increasing pressure as needed during the night.

What to Look For In A CPAP Machine?

AutoSet Mini CPAP Machine

CPAP is a means of providing respiratory support with either upper airway obstruction. Respiratory failures consist of ventilation or failure of lung function. If you are looking for a CPAP machine, you have to choose the machine which has the features which are mentioned below:

Pressure Content and Flexibility:

These settings vary depending on the individual CPAP machine. Consult your health provider to select a CPAP machine that allows you to control the pressure content and flexibility.

Types of Mask and Comfort

If you are using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, a mask is required to cover most of your face. You feel comfortable using it. This sometimes provides a better seal against leakage, so you can get rid of sleep apnea.

Portability and Noise Level

Air circulates continuously in the CPAP machine. Therefore it is necessary that the sound of the CPAP machine should be like a soft fan. When choosing a CPAP machine, choose a CPAP machine that has a noise level of 30 dB or less.

Air Filters and Humidification

The filters on a CPAP machine trap bacteria in the air. Bacteria can enter your independent system if the filter on your CPAP machine is dirty. So change the filter every 4 weeks. If you smoke or have pets in your household, the filters need to be changed more frequently.

If you want to know CPAP machine price India, let us be clear that according to the specifications of different CPAP machines you will get them at different prices.

The Top CPAP Machines in India:

It is very important for a person suffering from sleep apnea to find the best auto CPAP machine in India as experts believe that CPAP machine is the best option for its treatment.

Here, we are going to share a list of CPAP machines:

1. Resmed AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP

Resmed AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP

Resmed AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP is a premium auto-adjusting pressure therapy device. It has an integrated humidifier, advanced event detection and wireless communications. It can detect Cheyne-Stokes respiration easily. Resmed cpap machine price in India is Rs. 40,000 to 1 lakh.

Model: AirSense 10 AutoSet CPAP
Brand: Resmed
Dimensions: 15cm (H) x 25cm (L) x 11cm (B)
Weight: 2.75Kg
Sound Level: 26.6 dBA
Water Chamber Capacity: 380 mL
AC Input Range: 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz, 1.0 - 1.5A, Class II
DC Output: 24V , 3.75A
Power Consumption: 53W (57VA)
Operating Pressure: 4 - 20 cm H2O (0.2 cm increments)
Standard Filter: Polyester non-woven fibre
Warranty: 2 Years

2. Oxymed SleepEasy Auto CPAP

If you are patient with sleep apnea, the Oxymed SleepEasy Auto CPAP machine is a good choice for you. In this, you will get a humidifier and mask. It is easy to set-up. It has a power adaptor, bag, filters and space saving facility.

Model: Oxymed SleepEasy Auto CPAP
Brand: Oxymed
Pressure Range: 4-20cmH₂O
Sound level: 30dB
Weight: 2.0Kg
Humidification Level : 1-5
Temperature Range: 23-85 °C
Memory Card: 8 GB
Ramp Duration: 0-45 min
Warranty: 2 Years

3. Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP

Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP

Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP is a comfortable device for the patients with sleep apnea. It embraces users' care with confidence. Because of this, it is called a user-friendly device. It has OptiStart technology and sophisticated pressure relief.

Model: Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP
Brand: Philips
Pressure range: 4-20 cm H2O
Ramp time: =0 to 30 to 45 min (5- minute increments)
Humidification: Fixed, adaptive
Tubing: 15 mm flexible reusable
Sound level: 26 dBa
Filters: Darker blue filter (reusable), lighter blue (disposable)
Application: Personal at home, clinical, hospital
Electrical Requirements: 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A
Humidifier and Mask: Optional (at extra cost)
Warranty: 2 Years

4. BPL Harmony

BPL Harmony

BPL Harmony is an auto cpap machine which is used for the treatment of breathing problems such as sleep apnea. You will get an integrated heated humidifier and ramp function in the CPAP machine.

Model: BPL Harmony
Brand: BPL
Pressure Range: 4-20cmH₂O
Sound level: 28dB
Weight: 1.55Kg
Dimensions: 238 x 178 x 128mm
Ramp Duration: 0-60 min.
Humidifier: Heated
Warranty: 2 Years

5. BMC G2 Auto CPAP


BMC G2 Auto CPAP machine adjusts up and down between these ranges throughout the sleep period to treat OSA. During sleep, the machine will increase and reduce the pressure according to your requirement. In this, you will get an exhalation Pressure Relief setting and auto airflow start and stop facility.

Model: BMC G2 Auto CPAP
Brand: BMC
Pressure Range: 4 - 20cmH₂O
Ramp Rate: 0-60 min
Sound level: 30dB
Weight: 2.5Kg
Usage/Application: Hospital
Dimensions: 290 x 180 x 134mm
Warranty: 2 Years

How to Effectively Use A CPAP Machine?

To use the CPAP machine effectively, keep the following points in mind:

Setting Up The Machine:
It is essential to set up the CPAP machine correctly as it helps to avoid complications like sleep apnea. You can also set it up with the help of your health provider if you want.

Suitable Mask Fitting:
A properly fitting mask is essential to retain its shape while it covers your face, wash it, and dry it. Check the top and bottom of your mask.

Maintaining The CPAP Equipment:
Sleep apnea patients should perform regular maintenance on their CPAP equipment to achieve the best results. Therefore, regularly clean parts such as the CPAP mask, tubing, and humidifier. Periodically replace CPAP equipment as it wears out.

Tips for a CPAP Machine to Improve Sleep:

If you are using a CPAP machine, then it is necessary to pay attention to some special things to improve sleep, which are as follows:

Create a Peaceful Environment for Sleeping:

Keep the sleeping place as dark as possible. Use a shade that darkens the room. Turn off all the lights in the room and wear an eye mask before sleeping. Temperature, light noise, and odour factors can create a peaceful environment.

Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule:

You can improve your sleep by creating a consistent sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time every day, including weekends, and wake up at a set time in the morning. This strengthens the body's sleep and wake cycle.

Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits:

Create a healthy sleep habit to improve your sleep. For this, set a time to sleep and wake up and follow it. Avoid consuming alcohol and use only a pillow while sleeping. Avoid exercising before sleeping. Do not use electronic things like mobile, computers, or laptops till 30 minutes before sleeping.


The CPAP machine removes sleep apnea, which you must have experience with. It may take some time for you to adapt to this machine but after practice, you can easily use it.

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If you feel any discomfort, you can talk to your healthcare provider about it.
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