Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

At present, many people are facing blood pressure disease. Its main reasons are sleep apnea, genetics, excessive stress, kidney disease, consumption of alcohol and smoking, obesity, etc. 

According to the National Family Health Survey in 2019-20, 24 percent of men and 21 percent of women were found to have high blood pressure. Experts recommend checking blood pressure regularly at home, wherein you can choose the best digital BP monitor to get accurate readings.

5 Essential Tips for Accurate Use:

Tips for Accurate Use

You can buy a blood pressure monitor from Rudra Brothers to check your blood pressure and get the best accuracy. Proper use of a blood pressure monitor requires proper training and practice.

We are sharing 5 essential tips to ensure accurate blood pressure monitoring at home below:

1. Check your device is correct or not:

Before using a blood pressure monitor, have a healthcare provider check the monitor's readings. Along with this, ask about the method of testing so that later you do not have any problems while testing at home.

2. Do not eat for 30 minutes before taking the reading:

If you are checking your blood pressure, do not eat for 30 minutes before taking a reading from the blood pressure monitor. Avoid consuming caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.

3. Take readings after emptying the bladder:

According to experts, a full bladder can increase blood pressure. Therefore check the reading only after emptying the bladder.

4. Place the cuff of the blood pressure monitor on bare skin:

While checking blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor, do not keep the cuff on the clothes. Place it on bare skin to get an accurate reading.

5. Measure blood pressure twice in the beginning:

If you are taking your blood pressure measurement in the beginning, measure your blood pressure at least 2 times. Check the reading before taking the medicine in the morning or evening. Whenever you check the reading, take 2 to 3 readings and see if the result is the same or not.

Choosing the Right Blood Pressure Monitor: Types and Features:

Right Blood Pressure Monitor

If you want to choose the right blood pressure monitor, know about its types and features.


1. Inflatable cuff

In this, the inner layer of the cuff is filled with air and it puts pressure on the arm. The outer layer of the cuff contains a fastener to hold the cuff in place, which measures changes in the velocity of the artery. It calculates heart rate and blood flow.

2. Gauge

This takes multiple readings and gives you an average report.  


1. Cuff size: 

While choosing the right blood pressure cuff, keep in mind that you should have a properly fitting cuff. It gives you accurate blood pressure readings.

2. Clear Display: 

Your blood pressure monitor should have a clear display so that you can take readings easily.

3. Price: 

The price of a blood pressure monitor depends on its quality. Omron BP Monitor Price is Rs.24,000, which you can buy from Rudra Brothers.

Preparing for an Accurate Reading: Do's and Don'ts:

You need an accurate reading while checking blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor. For this read the information given below:


  • After taking the reading from the blood pressure monitor, wait for 1 to 3 minutes and take another reading.
  • Use only one hand while measuring blood pressure.
  • Before and during the blood pressure test, try to remain calm and avoid stressful situations.


  • Do not measure blood pressure immediately after waking up.

  • Do not place the cuff of the blood pressure monitor over the clothing.

  • Do not talk to anyone while reading.

Interpreting Your Results: Normal Range and Warning Signs:

 Normal Range and Warning Signs

We measure our blood pressure in millimetres of mercury (mmHg). This is obtained in 2 figures—the first is the systolic pressure and the second is the diastolic pressure. When our heart pushes the blood out, Systolic pressure generates and when our heart relaxes between beats, Diastolic pressure generates.

For example, if the blood pressure is 140/90mmHg, the systolic pressure is 140mmHg and the diastolic pressure is 90mmHg. Ideal blood pressure is a reading between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg.

A condition of 140/90mmHg or more is high blood pressure and a condition below 90/60mmHg is low blood pressure. If the blood pressure is higher or lower than the normal range, you will get warning signs.

Maintaining Consistency in Home Blood Pressure Monitoring:

Follow the 6 steps below to maintain consistency in home blood pressure monitoring:

  1. Patients should sit quietly for 5 minutes in a quiet room, free from external activities, before checking the readings with the blood pressure monitor.
  2. Instead of sitting anywhere in the house, sit on the back of a chair by supporting the body.
  3. Patients should make sure that their feet remain straight on the floor.
  4. Place the blood pressure cuff on your bare arm instead of over your clothes.
  5. Place the midpoint of the blood pressure cuff at the same height as the midpoint of the sternum.
  6. Wait for 1 minute after the first measurement and only then take the second reading.

Seeking Professional Guidance: When to Consult a Healthcare Provider:

Healthcare Provider

Only a professional healthcare provider can advise you on whether you need to make changes to your medicines, diet, and lifestyle.

You can consult a healthcare provider in the following situations:

  1. If the blood pressure is above normal i.e. 180/110.
  2. If you have symptoms like severe headache or blurred vision.
  3. If the blood pressure is 140/90 or higher on two or more occasions.
  4. If the blood pressure is usually normal and well controlled but on more than one occasion it goes above the normal range i.e. 120/80. 


You can manage your blood pressure by checking your blood pressure at home. For this, an accurate reading of blood pressure is necessary as it gives you a clear idea about the risk related to heart disease, especially heart stroke. You can choose Rudra Brothers for Best Digital BP Monitor. Here you get high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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