Dr. Morepen PO 12A Pulse Oximeter Pulse Oximeter (Black)

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  • Comprises of a dual OLED display
  • Measures SpO2 in blood
  • Measures pulse rate
  • Easy to use, lightweight and compact
  • Warranty: 1 year

Product Description :

The body's need for oxygen is certain. Its availability at a tissue level is sometimes in doubt. Blood gas measurements provide critical information regarding oxygenation, ventilation, and acid-base status. However, these measurements only provide a snapshot of the patient's condition taken at the time that the blood sample was drawn. It is well known that oxygenation can change very quickly. In the absence of continuous oxygenation monitoring, these changes may go undetected until it is too late. Pulse oximeters measure blood oxygen saturation noninvasively and continuously.

Intended Use:

The Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter (Model PO-12A) is intended for the measurement of blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) and pulse rate at the fingertip. It is intended for use outside the body. The device is intended for use by patients and healthcare professionals as an aid in the management of chronic respiratory illnesses/diseases or the management of circulatory system illnesses/diseases. The device is NOT intended for the diagnosis or screening of any respiratory or circulatory system illnesses/diseases.

What is SpO2:

A blood-oxygen saturation reading indicates the percentage of functional haemoglobin molecules in blood which are saturated with oxygen. The reading may be referred to as SpO2. Readings vary from 0 to 100%. Normal readings in a healthy adult, however, range from 94% to 100%

Device Description:

The Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter (Model PO-12A) is a small and portable device for the measurement of blood-oxygen saturation levels. By simply inserting one finger in the Fingertip photoelectric sensor, the patient can measure his or her blood-oxygen saturation levels.

The Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter is an innovative medical device which provides non-invasive and continuous measurement of SpO2 and Pulse Rate (PR). Being portable, it is able to measure Spo2 and PR values quickly and conveniently.

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